Total Body Skincare *simplified*

Melt away dry skin cells while deeply hydrating, plumping, cleansing pores, removing age spots, and purifying skin from head to toe.  

"I had healthier more radiant skin with my very first use! My skin changed dramatically within 2 weeks." ~Jennifer Spalding

My Story

Miraculous serums that absorb and hydrate skin while rejuvenating and repairing skin cells.  Experience intensive skin nourishment while melting away dry skin cells with instant exfoliation on contact.  These formulas heal, protect and beautify your skin while naturally fading sun spots, lmelasma, freckles, pimples and the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles and acne scars.  Your skin will be young again!  This is a 100% chemical free skincare line that is made with the best ingredients on earth.  Your quick results will be as dramatic as plastic surgery without any of the pain,  expense or risk.  I am so excited to finally share these revultionary,  proprietary, cutting-edge, organic formulas with all of you~!

-Jennifer Cadence Spalding

 CEO, Napa Valley Serum Co.