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GROUND-BREAKING SERUM for gentle cleansing, moisturizing, cellular rejuvination, gentle skin lightening, organic scar healing, instant exfoliating, wrinkle plumping, toning and extended hydrating for your entire body.  

FIVE in ONE.  Moisturizer, skin conditioner, skin toner, age reversing serum and exfoliator.  

directions: use head to toe on dry or wet skin.  Leave on wet skin for instant absorbtion.  Reapply to dry skin for extra protection and all day glow.  

100% pure and organic.  Formulated in small hand batches with a patented process for extracting our proprietary formula of botanical extracts from primarily lemons, grapes, and coconuts.  

Ingredients: a proprietary blend of botanical extracts including organic lemon peel oil. organic rose pedal essential oil, organic tangerine oil, organic lime peel essesntil oil, and organic lavendar oil in a base of organic vegetable glycerin and lemon peel essential oil.